Hosting, Security & Support

Your data, and digital assets are valuable to you, and to others – and they need qualified, audited protection.

Our in-house network technicians are qualified in Windows and Linux server management for large range of enterprise clients.

For maximum reliability and scalability – and minimum licensing costs – Agent Design can analyse, recommend, implement and support a mixture of the best open and commercial source solutions – using open standards, performance testing, active monitoring and round-the-clock alerts.

We host both; on dedicated server hardware, and with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud platforms – these provide scalability and data replication security, balanced with appropriate cost considerations.

We can host a variety of websites and applications, managed with regular security audits and back-up routines for continuous data replication and redundancy, and advise on best-practice for managing password and data security.

Registered under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 1987, and with all staff employed under strict confidentiality agreements, you can be assured of our commitment to the integrity for your company’s valuable data.