About Us

Our business began in 2002, with co-founders Larry Adams; a successful property developer and entrepreneur, and Marcus Quinn; a web designer and project manager for multinational blue-chip-clients, working together to provide design and development services to businesses in Jersey and The UK.

Agent Design now employs over 30 staff in 7 countries, providing international clients with Accounting, Marketing, Development, Customer Services, Logistics and Data Analysis services.

Our team has the experience in implementing enterprise platforms, and the efficiency to make our services competitive. We deliver measurable results, and are paid on performance.

By retaining our creative and development talent in-house – coupled with a network of online freelancers and agencies around the World – we provide a broad range of online business experience, and are continually optimising the latest technologies to satisfy increasing customer expectations.

Our mission is to keep our clients ahead in their sector, and keep our integrity with a portfolio ethical of clients.

So, please do contact us with your technical and creative needs – we love solving problems!